Definition of pontine in English:



  • Relating to or affecting the pons of the brain.

    ‘patients with pontine hemorrhage’
    • ‘The researchers then used a needle to target and deliver Gd-albumin into the pontine region of the brainstem in three healthy adult monkeys.’
    • ‘St. John showed that apneustic breathing caused by rostral pontine lesions disappeared when the animal awoke.’
    • ‘Pathologist Dr Adam Coumbe gave the cause of death as pontine haemorrhage, a bleed in the base of the brain.’
    • ‘This is unacceptable for both those tumours with a high doubling time, such as medulloblastoma, and those producing distressing symptoms for which radiotherapy is the most effective palliative measure, such as diffuse pontine glioma.’
    • ‘This is important because if asymptomatic chronic hyponatremia is not corrected, the brain system can be damaged irreversibly (centre pontine demyelination).’



/ˈpänˌtīn/ /ˈpɑnˌtaɪn/


Late 19th century from Latin pons, pont- ‘bridge’+ -ine.