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‘In True Believer, James Woods plays Eddie Dodd, a ponytailed pot smoker who started out as a sixties-era civil rights lawyer but now mainly fights to get reduced sentences for white-collar drug dealers.’
  • ‘Many say that while he is known for his razor-sharp mind, the ponytailed 38-year-old lacks experience and alienates employees and customers with his arrogant style.’
  • ‘A large crowd forms around a sweaty, bearded and ponytailed leader in a checkered three-piece suit who stands on a milk crate and introduces himself as the founder of the No Police State Coalition.’
  • ‘The ponytailed, Birkenstock-wearing, granola-munching, rabid hippie in me has been both upheld and rejected with that one conclusion.’
  • ‘We also ran into a ponytailed massage therapist who set us on the path to the town of Hana, and by day four we were headed east on the twisty two-lane road to the Maui Sun Club.’



/ˈpōnēˌtāld/ /ˈpoʊniˌteɪld/