Definition of poorness in English:



  • The state of lacking or being deficient in some desirable quality or constituent.

    ‘the poorness of the food’
    • ‘What's a bit interesting about this policy change, this policy poorness in my view, introduced in 1997 is that it's completely unnecessary.’
    • ‘Somewhere I have a family tree from my Mothers paternal history and it appears that our trash poorness extended back to the 17th century.’
    • ‘Crying poorness of country in being unable to handle the Haitian problem is not a solution.’
    • ‘Remembered as a benchmark of poorness, a level they must not let themselves sink to again.’
    • ‘Remove, as our helper, all poorness of thought; drive far all sorrow, all evil intention.’
    • ‘If only this Haunted Mansion suffered from the same kind of vague, ghostly poorness, it might fly.’
    • ‘When the young Australian - whose swing is widely viewed as a duplicate of the one Harmon supposedly built for Woods - missed the putting surface by all of 40 yards to the right, the poorness of his effort was greeted by total silence.’
    • ‘Tipperary's failure to Cork was unexpected, based on the poorness of Cork's form the previous week against Offaly.’
    • ‘Proust considered Millet's weakness to be ‘finishing in the studio… even making up altogether his paintings, which err not only in the poorness of their craft, but also in the poverty of their conception.‘’
    • ‘The consistency with which the reviews mention the poorness of the service is very eloquent, demonstrating the decalage between what this place thinks it is and what it actually is.’
    • ‘Though he couldn't complain, even if he was upset by the poorness of the home he currently occupied, because if nothing else he needed a place to stay.’
    • ‘This was a game that nearly everyone agreed was good but almost legendary in the poorness of its components.’
    • ‘He guttered the ball, and felt a small smile come to his face at the poorness of the shot.’
    • ‘She suffered from the poorness of her house, from its mean walls, worn chairs, and ugly curtains.’



/ˈpo͝ornəs/ /ˈpʊrnəs/ /ˈpôrnəs/ /ˈpɔrnəs/