Definition of pop group in English:

pop group


(also pop band)
  • A number of musicians and vocalists who perform pop music together.

    ‘they became the fifth biggest-selling pop group of all time’
    • ‘With this, their second offering, they have broken the mould of the manufactured pop group.’
    • ‘We're here to talk about how and why the they are one of Britain's best pop groups.’
    • ‘The documentary follows the superstar pop group on an Australian tour, with generous concert footage of screaming Aussie youth.’
    • ‘Fans of the Scottish pop group have been waiting for its new compilation for quite a while now.’
    • ‘There have been good films made by other British pop groups that were admittedly fun and engaging.’
    • ‘As a whole, however, the willingness to defy convention in terms of their status as an indie pop group, is a large step forward for the band.’
    • ‘The other opening act was refreshing after having to listen to the horrible bubble gum pop group.’
    • ‘There is no doubt that this pop group sought publicity.’
    • ‘The commercial rock pop group were given the chance to strut their stuff in front of the crowds like true stars.’
    • ‘This year has been another hectic year for Ireland's number one pop group.’
    • ‘They blossomed into one of the great pop groups of the 1980s and 1990s.’
    • ‘He was trying to remember the name of a pop group so I could sing one of their songs at karaoke.’
    • ‘They were a more indie pop group that enjoyed some success in their native land.’
    • ‘To me, she was the great female vocalist in Canada's best pop band.’
    • ‘They played some of the prettiest sections of music you're gonna hear from any pop band anywhere.’
    • ‘A pre-teen pop band spreads their manufactured music across Japan.’
    • ‘Despite some people categorizing them as rock, the group is a pop band with a knack for simple poetry.’
    • ‘Competence notwithstanding, the group doesn't offer anything new in the world of female-fronted, guitar-driven pop bands.’
    • ‘Above all, this is a fascinating glimpse into a time when pop bands were given free reign to try virtually anything.’
    • ‘They're a true pop band, but deep down, you know that they just want to rock.’