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  • The tiny round seed of the poppy plant, used as a topping or in fillings for baked goods.

    ‘The most popular kolac contains prune, ground nut, or crushed poppyseed fillings.’
    • ‘She'd been baking lemon poppyseed muffins, one of Jacob's favorite foods, for the past hour.’
    • ‘Eating food containing poppyseeds may result in a positive urine screening test for opiates, since poppyseeds contain naturally-occurring opiates.’
    • ‘Add mukwa, fried mung dal and poppyseeds and stir to coat with caramel.’
    • ‘At the weekend I went hunting for poppyseeds all over the place.’
    • ‘They're organic and ‘engineered to be a meal,’ with a baker's dozen of tasty-looking flavors such as lemon poppyseed, banana walnut and the particularly healthy-sounding mocha chocolate chunk.’
    • ‘The muffins are homemade (the low-fat raspberry and the lemon and poppyseed are standouts), and the coffee, especially lattés and cappuccinos, is fabulous.’
    • ‘The cakes (carrot, poppyseed et al) are too worthy.’
    • ‘We both had a slice or two of some rich poppyseed bread Catriona had just baked, but really, anything more would have left us feeling bloated and sluggish for our drive home.’
    • ‘The ripe poppyseeds are not narcotic, and are freely used to sprinkle over bread dough, or as a filling for confections such as cozonac - the traditional yeast cake baked on Good Friday in celebration of the Romanian Orthodox Easter.’
    • ‘Use dark poppyseeds for the full effect.’
    • ‘Walnut oil's properties were intermediate between those of poppyseed and linseed oils.’
    • ‘It could have resulted in the targeting of medical marijuana patients, people who attended a concert and were in close proximity to marijuana smokers, or people who eat poppyseed bagels - each of which could trigger a positive drug test.’
    • ‘I love to write, and I can't stand poppyseed bread.’
    • ‘For a sweet ending, a classic sweet fruit-filled dumpling and the famed poppyseed variety are enticing examples of dessert dumplings.’
    • ‘We all sat in a circle in the grass and tried to eat poppyseed cake with homemade marmalade while thirty chickens and a baby tried to break through all the barricades.’
    • ‘There was an airy lemon poppyseed cake and a light dumplingy apple cake, oozing a well - rounded caramel sauce.’
    • ‘There was the incident with the lemon and poppyseed muffin in the town centre which almost lead to an appearance on Crimewatch.’
    • ‘Is there anyone out there making Hungarian poppyseed cake in Ireland?’
    • ‘Perhaps my chopped liver sandwich would have been more culturally sound had I made it on a poppyseed bagel from the aforementioned store, but that one had already been accidentally consumed for breakfast.’



/ˈpäpēˌsēd/ /ˈpɑpiˌsid/