Definition of porewater in English:


Pronunciation /ˈpôərwôdər/ /ˈpɔərwɔdər/ /ˈwädər/ /ˈwɑdər/


  • Water contained in pores in soil or rock.

    ‘They expected that zinc in worms would have a higher specific activity than in the plants and that the information would hint at the relative importance of pore water and soil exchangeable zinc pools to plants and earthworms.’
    • ‘In addition, there is a thin veneer of sediments covering the subducting plates, which contain large volumes of unbound pore water and water and carbonate-bearing minerals.’
    • ‘Groundwater flushing of pore water in the spring exported solutes to the estuary at rates similar to tidally driven surface exchange seen in previous studies.’
    • ‘Radium activity in pore water of wetland sediments often differs from the amount expected from local production, decay, and exchange with solid phases.’
    • ‘Efflorescences are powdery encrustations of minerals that form on the surfaces of rocks by evaporation of their pore water.’