Definition of Porifera in English:


Pronunciation /pəˈrifərə/ /pəˈrɪfərə/

plural noun

  • A phylum of aquatic invertebrate animals that comprises the sponges.

    ‘Of particular interest in this regard are animals in the early diverging non-bilaterian phyla Porifera, Placozoa, Cnidaria, and Ctenophora.’
    • ‘By this usage, the basal metazoans comprise just four phyla (Placozoa, Porifera, Cnidaria, and Ctenophora) and the large clade Bilateria.’
    • ‘In contrast to the striking conservation of caspases and bcl - 2 proteins in all animal phyla from Porifera and Cnidaria to mammals, these features of apoptosis are not present in yeast or plants.’
    • ‘Results to be discussed below have now extended the occurrence of apoptosis and homologs of caspases and bcl - 2 proteins to the most basal metazoan phyla: Porifera and Cnidaria.’
    • ‘These allorecognition responses have been recognized for more than a century and have been unequivocally observed in the colonial basal metazoan phyla Porifera and Cnidaria.’
    • ‘This pattern is typical of most Porifera, Cnidaria, Bryozoa with coronate larvae, colonial Ascidiacea and many polychaetes.’


Modern Latin (plural), from Latin porus ‘pore’ + -fer ‘bearing’.