Definition of pork bun in English:

pork bun


  • A Chinese snack consisting of steamed or baked bread dough filled with barbecued pork.

    ‘We ordered shrimp dumplings, spring rolls, pork buns, won tons and noodles for our boys.’
    • ‘He made these things that were a cross between a steam pork bun and a dumpling - pretty much a stuffed piece of bread with either vege or meat fillings.’
    • ‘The anonymous informant forced the company to admit it had sold pork buns made with a banned additive.’
    • ‘After wandering through the streets filled with people and the smell of fresh pork buns, we found a poster advertising for the Trick Art Museum.’
    • ‘But it looks like pigs are getting their revenge for all these centuries of crispy bacon and pork buns.’
    • ‘I had previously sampled the bakery's tasty pork buns and sweet red bean delights.’
    • ‘A freezer showcases chicken gyoza, mini pork buns and most everything else you would find on a dim sum cart.’
    • ‘My favourite things were bbq pork buns (steamed or baked) and coconut buns.’
    • ‘I encouraged everyone to share pork buns with me because I'd heard they were good.’
    • ‘Miniature roast pork buns, won tons, egg rolls, shredded cabbage salad and green-tea ice cream are included.’
    • ‘But where were the pushcarts that sell delicious Chinese delicacies like pork buns and turnip cakes?’
    • ‘On this morning in early June, however, the pageant experience was just beginning in an unremarkable private room of East Manor, away from the din of diners and the heady smell of pork buns and Peking duck.’
    • ‘We had a few people over for Chinese food (dim sum, steamed pork buns, etc), and then realised on Sunday morning that it'd been Chinese New Year.’
    • ‘Crystal Jade's barbequed pork buns (16 RMB) are also first-rate and will provide a few moments of respite from the searing dandan soup.’
    • ‘In the main dining room, chef Sam Leong whips up highlights including sashimi, dim sum (featuring the fluffiest pork buns ever) and contemporary dishes like crispy cod with "Thailandaise" sauce scented with lemon-grass.’
    • ‘Highlights included the BBQ pork buns at the pricey but elegant Peninsula Hotel across from the Festival headquarters in the HK Cultural Centre.’
    • ‘Patrick Vaccariello, the chef at Harry's Cafe and Harry's Steak in nearby Hanover Square, oversees a kitchen that turns out breakfast fare at all hours and serves food like pastas, burgers, steamed pork buns and tuna tacos.’