Definition of porkpie hat in English:

porkpie hat

Pronunciation /ˌpôrkpī ˈhat/ /ˌpɔrkpaɪ ˈhæt/


  • A hat with a flat crown and a brim turned up all around.

    ‘A pork-pie hat is perched on the back of his head and he has a purple cashmere scarf about his neck, perfectly complementing his indigo suit and dramatically offsetting his burnished skin.’
    • ‘He was screaming at him, punching him, whipping him with his pork-pie hat, kicking him in shins; he had to be dragged off him.’
    • ‘The crowds at Royal Birkdale warmed to the 34-year-old Taiwanese player and his distinctive pork-pie hat.’
    • ‘If you like a bit of ska it's time to get out the pork-pie hat and practice the Nutty Dance.’
    • ‘And suddenly I feel a great urge to put on a pork-pie hat and do some ska dancing.’
    • ‘There's a gangster in a pork-pie hat, a beautiful woman with mermaid's tresses.’
    • ‘And Rose's years as a Malibu hermit haven't improved his always precarious fashion sense: he lumbered around the stage, a ridiculous leather pork-pie hat partially covering his equally ridiculous red-haired Rasta braids.’
    • ‘We crossed used car lots, where Jiyoon was once offered part exchange and a score of monkeys for her shiny white car by a man in a velvet-collared, brown Crombie and matching pork-pie hat; all in our quest for art.’
    • ‘It was a forties style pork-pie hat in black with a white band, the edges silver.’
    • ‘From pork-pie hats to fuzzy animal slippers, there was something to grab the attention of even the most finicky second-hand bargain hunter; and in a town renowned for its brisk winter breezes, you can never have too many beanies.’