Definition of pornification in English:


Pronunciation /ˌpôrnəfiˈkāSHən/ /ˌpɔrnəfɪˈkeɪʃən/


  • The prevalence or normalization of sexual themes and explicit sexual imagery in popular or mainstream culture.

    ‘the growing pornification of our society’
    • ‘So we sit tight, and fret in secret about the pornification of the world.’
    • ‘Until we have proper regulation of the pornification of mainstream media, the group will keep organising protests.’
    • ‘She describes this process as the "pornification of society".’
    • ‘And the pornification of that market means attractiveness of girls and women is now synonymous with sexiness, while sexiness is synonymous with performance rather than actual pleasure.’
    • ‘Her reluctance to see the connection between "girlification" and "pornification" seems understandable.’
    • ‘Now 45, her latest book focussed on what she calls the "pornification" of America and was a paean to conservative values in family life, education and patriotism.’
    • ‘A campaigner against the "pornification" of America through what she sees as the erosion of family values and patriotism, she is also a persistent critic of Hollywood and the United Nations.’
    • ‘As advertising and popular culture have become more heavily sexualised (to the point where some scholars speak of the 'pornification' of culture more generally), the impact upon children has increased.’
    • ‘The author decries the sexual explicitness (what she calls "pornification") of popular culture and suggests ways that parents can protect their children from the suggestiveness of media images.’