Definition of porousness in English:


Pronunciation /ˈpôrəsnəs/ /ˈpɔrəsnəs/


See porous

‘Based on the data, they try to describe around 10 features, including the porousness of the rock, the size of the reservoir, and the degree to which the reservoir is saturated with water instead of oil.’
  • ‘There are obviously many degrees of cultural self-assertion, cultural defensiveness, cultural porousness and cultural boundaries.’
  • ‘The porousness of the ‘nation’ as a category is most tellingly exhibited in the case of American subjects.’
  • ‘This is too neat to be true, and doesn't sufficiently acknowledge the porousness of the boundaries between fiction and life.’
  • ‘This respect for open-mindedness and open-endedness, this porousness at the borders, is, then, one of the most refreshing dimensions of the editorial voice in this volume.’
  • ‘By examining the porousness of this boundary, some otherwise-intuitive notions about the American consumer can be called into question.’
  • ‘Given the porousness of U.S. borders and the volume of international traffic, sealing off the country would be a formidable task.’
  • ‘The fact that it journeyed unimpeded to its final destination was offered as alarming proof of the porousness of our ports.’