Definition of porphyritic in English:


Pronunciation /ˌpôrfəˈridik/ /ˌpɔrfəˈrɪdɪk/


  • Relating to or denoting a rock texture, typically found in volcanic rocks, containing distinct crystals or crystalline particles embedded in a fine-grained groundmass.

    ‘Coarser fractions additionally contain volcanic clasts of vesicular and porphyritic lava, tuff and pumice.’
    • ‘These crystals eventually form the phenocrysts found in porphyritic rocks.’
    • ‘The original porphyritic texture with plagioclase phenocrysts is still recognizable.’
    • ‘It is a light grey, porphyritic volcanic to subvolcanic rock, which shows almost no deformation.’
    • ‘The biotite-granite continues these trends of increasing orthoclase over plagioclase and biotite over homblende, to produce a coarse-grained pink porphyritic rock in which orthoclase phenocrysts dominate.’