Definition of port of call in English:

port of call

Pronunciation /pôrt əv/ /pɔrt əv/ /ə kôl/ /ə kɔl/

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  • 1A place where a ship stops on a voyage.

    ‘It is not confirmed whether Sligo will be a port of call as the ship sails on a day to day basis, depending on weather conditions.’
    • ‘One of the most popular ports of call for Caribbean cruise ships is St. Thomas, one of the U.S. Virgin Islands.’
    • ‘Today it is one of the major ports of call for Caribbean cruise ships where hundreds of passengers are welcomed every week.’
    • ‘However, Cozumel became a regular cruise ship port of call in recent years and today it is one of the busiest with two separate terminals.’
    • ‘Brunei's first port of call was her homeport of Cairns before moving on to Townsville to deliver vehicles and stores and take part in a welcome home parade.’
    • ‘And after tomorrow's visit to Nelson the next port of call for the sinking ship is Accrington, the side one place above them, on Sunday.’
    • ‘We fished at the local harbour in Granton, Edinburgh, not far from the famous Port of Leith, once a thriving port of call for many large ships and cutters.’
    • ‘Havana was a port of call for ships from both Key West and New Orleans.’
    • ‘Until the Panama Canal was built in 1914, it used to be the main port of call for ships travelling to Cape Horn.’
    • ‘Before leaving their ports of call, foreign ships check the depth of the St. Lawrence.’
    1. 1.1Any of a number of places that a person visits in succession.
      ‘his last port of call that morning was Angela's lawyer’
      • ‘if you're serious about spreadsheeting, then this package must be your first port of call’
      • ‘One of my first ports of call after landing in the capital was to the Washington Foreign Press Center, where I vaguely knew a correspondent through a friend of a friend.’
      • ‘The Pakistani Advice Centre is the first port of call for many of these city residents, acting as a citizens' advice bureau.’
      • ‘Country hotels are always my first port of call in a strange town.’
      • ‘It is a shame that if Otley is portrayed as a quaint market town, the first port of call for locals and visitors doesn't say much for it.’
      • ‘I've managed to sneak in a little winter break and there are no prizes for guessing the television was the first port of call after we landed at our hotel last Tuesday.’
      • ‘The new co-ordinator has been brought in to help change that by promoting the area as an exciting port of call.’
      • ‘In Habermas's view, the press is an important port of call in the public sphere.’
      • ‘Indeed, whenever he visited a strange town his first port of call was always the local cemetery.’
      • ‘Inspired by the ocean, the park's seven ports of call are filled with never-before-seen attractions, fun-filled shopping and a wide variety of restaurants.’
      • ‘Privately, I was hoping for a more exotic port of call than Rockville Centre, where Mary and I were renting a house.’