Definition of port of entry in English:

port of entry

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  • A harbor, border town, or airport by which people and goods may enter a country.

    ‘Ted Stevens International Airport is the only port of entry to Anchorage and is located about 20 minutes southwest of the base.’
    • ‘Ambouli International Airport is the only port of entry to Djibouti and is located within Djibouti City.’
    • ‘Southern border overflight exemptions, which allow users to bypass the nearest port of entry and proceed to another airport to clear customs, have not been affected.’
    • ‘Such a force would bring together the local police with immigration and Customs officers at our airports and ports of entry.’
    • ‘If you're a customs inspector at a port of entry you can send photos of cargos and manifests back to the office where someone can check them against computer records.’
    • ‘The interviews are conducted at three levels: at overseas representative offices, at ports of entry such as airports and the seaports involved in the ‘small three links’ and at home after the couple have entered the country.’
    • ‘The administration has increased security at airports and other ports of entry.’
    • ‘International travellers who are suspected of smuggling drugs or carrying weapons are being offered the body scanner as an alternative to a physical pat-down or frisk when they pass through ports of entry at airports across the country.’
    • ‘Although the findings are supportive of the work of government agencies some of her observations shed light on the wholly subjective character of the work of immigration officers at different ports of entry into Britain.’
    • ‘Hilo, the main port, is an official port of entry but it has a number of drawbacks.’