Definition of portable media player in English:

portable media player

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  • A handheld electronic device for playing digital media such as audio and video files.

    ‘the second disc of this release is a digital copy for portable media players’
    • ‘Apple has upped the ante once again in the world of personal portable media players with the Video iPod.’
    • ‘Their hands are being forced by a new class of portable media players set to explode onto the market at Christmas.’
    • ‘Market watcher In-Stat recently said it expects some 7.5m portable media players to ship worldwide in 2009.’
    • ‘In particular, the chip maker is interested in getting the product into portable media players in anticipation of big demand for such items come Christmas.’
    • ‘Like the PSP, it's being pushed as much as a portable media player as a games console.’
    • ‘The WMA file format is supported by far fewer portable media players in total.’
    • ‘What do we really want a portable media player to do?’
    • ‘Podcasts are free and can be automatically downloaded to portable media players, so you can listen to them whenever it's convenient.’
    • ‘A portable media player with two gigabytes of capacity could easily store a customer database.’
    • ‘Their burning desire to prevent customers from using CDs on their PCs or transcoding the content to MP3 for use on portable media players looks set to cost them a small fortune.’
    • ‘There's been lots of debate and discussion on this site about the rise of portable media players.’
    • ‘Piggybacking with a home network, subscribers can transfer recordings from TiVo boxes to a laptop and, eventually, to portable media players.’
    • ‘These benefits provide direct advantages for a variety of applications such as digital cameras, portable media players, mobile phones, PDAs and other devices.’
    • ‘With portable media players like the iPod gaining in popularity, some IT managers have become concerned about the possibility of gadgets being used to take important information away from the office.’
    • ‘The selection of devices which work with it is currently quite pitiful, but support is likely to be a tickbox in all future portable media players from now on.’
    • ‘They demonstrated some operations in Media Center that did perform a heck of a lot faster, such as media transcoding for transfer to a portable media player, which saw a 20% increase in speed.’
    • ‘Portable media players put the onus on you to find programming - it doesn't arrive out of the ether, as television does, so nothing is live.’
    • ‘A portable media player, a flash memory card, a USB thumb drive, or even the internal memory of a camera or phone can mount via Bluetooth or USB and act as a removable hard drive.’
    • ‘Videos can be published in a variety of formats for PC, MAC and even iPod and other portable media players.’
    • ‘This type of software is designed to let users record radio shows and put them on portable media players.’