Definition of portentously in English:


Pronunciation /pôrˈten(t)əslē/ /pɔrˈtɛn(t)əsli/


See portentous

‘Perhaps coincidentally, perhaps portentously, since that night the band seem to have been present at a number of the rare moments in my life here where I am actually content to live in the moment, in Singapore.’
  • ‘If Haneke seems portentously to insist on a metaphorical dimension during this sequence, with its audio overlaps, he makes a similar metaphorical point more subtly through the very nature of his subject and setting.’
  • ‘The national security adviser portentously described the coming conflict as an event ‘that could literally decide the balance of power in the world for years to come.’’
  • ‘That doesn't mean there are no insights to be gained therein: indeed, the film benefits hugely from having smarter, sharper insights than a lot of other films that portentously play up their supposed philosophical insights.’
  • ‘While insisting on his progressive credentials, McKibben warns portentously that these technologies threaten to ‘erode our sense of humanity’.’
  • ‘‘The President is coming,’ he announces portentously.’