Definition of portentousness in English:


Pronunciation /pôrˈten(t)əsnəs/ /pɔrˈtɛn(t)əsnəs/


See portentous

‘Believers in propaganda by deed, usually choose to invest themselves with portentousness by selecting an anniversary that will freight their murder with meaning.’
  • ‘James Hall introduces his book with untypical portentousness, asserting that we need to understand Michelangelo, ‘if we really want to understand our culture’.’
  • ‘Archie carries volume and weight and just the right edge of portentousness to give the viewer insight as well as satisfaction.’
  • ‘Moving away from allegory and portentousness and into more lyrical and fantastical realms, Messer at the same time sticks closer to home for subject matter.’
  • ‘Few books about spirituality are so devoid of portentousness or pretense.’
  • ‘One of its aims seems to be to oppose the portentousness of so many other French films.’