Definición de portobello en Inglés


(also portobello mushroom)

Pronunciación /ˌpôrdəˈbelō/ /ˌpɔrdəˈbɛloʊ/


  • A large mature edible mushroom with an open flat cap.

    ‘Equally nonaggressive but more effective are roast chicken atop smothered leeks, and a meaty stack of portobellos topped by grilled radicchio and balsamic-bathed onions.’
    • ‘While I'd be happy to find more portobellos in the linguine Gorgonzola with portobello mushrooms, I love the gorgeously light Gorgonzola cream sauce.’
    • ‘Pizzas are made with fluffy dough and a selection of toppings, including red and yellow peppers, tomatoes, black olives, mozzarella and portobello and porcini mushrooms.’
    • ‘For example, when a vegetarian is in the group and the main menu calls for steak, grill a stuffed portobello mushroom.’
    • ‘The portobello crêpe comes with grilled mushrooms, mozzarella, roasted potato, and superbly pitched pesto, and is a subtle delight.’
    • ‘Hearty portobellos, creamy chanterelles, and fragrant morels make great side dishes on their own, and any mushroom can be a featured player, not a supporting actor.’
    • ‘The simple one-pager offers tummy-warming starters that include roast squash soup, grilled Brie and a portobello mushroom with polenta.’
    • ‘Without mushrooms we'd have no grilled portobellos.’
    • ‘Yesterday I took Lisa to Shake Shack for the first time and she enjoyed herself a vegetarian-friendly portobello burger which was deep fried and stuffed with her favorite cheese: Muenster.’
    • ‘You can take a seat near a banana tree and order from a simple, seasonal menu of pastas, sandwiches and salads; grilled baby eggplants with goat-cheese crostini, or portobellos with pesto on toasted bruschetta.’
    • ‘Sitting here - munching roasted peppers, turkey sausages and a portobello mushroom - brought back a memory that I probably haven't recalled since the event that furnished me with it in the first place.’
    • ‘Roast the big caps the same way as a portobello, or dice and cook with potatoes and onions.’
    • ‘I love the fact that there were two excellent vegetarian choices available, including a grilled portobello mushroom and, our choice, baked polenta with basil and tomato.’
    • ‘This two-person grilled extravaganza includes octopus, cod nuggets, squid, portobello mushroom, eggplant and peppers.’
    • ‘Assemble sandwich however you wish and serve with roasted portobello and garlicky wilted spinach.’
    • ‘Then a vegetarian offered me some grilled portobello mushroom.’
    • ‘For the main courses, I debated between the grilled portobello mushroom sandwich and the plate of farfalle pasta with Italian sausage.’
    • ‘The portobello burger I ordered was delicious.’
    • ‘May I suggest one portobello, one pepper half, and a few zucchini slices?’
    • ‘The menu provides ample vegetarian options, including garlicky Caesar salad and portobello burgers, in addition to several omnivorous offerings.’


1980s perhaps alteration of Italian pratarolo ‘meadow mushroom’.