Definition of posey in English:


(also posy)

Pronunciation /ˈpōzē/ /ˈpoʊzi/


  • (of a person or their behavior) affected and attempting to impress others; pretentious.

    • ‘That's what you get when you try to dress up all posey, I suppose.’
    • ‘Schmoozers are mostly 20 to 30-somethings trendies in lip-smacking labels and designer gear, posey and pretentious but beautiful all the same.’
    • ‘It's an intriguing venue too since while much of the street is overrun with posey and pretentious places, Arc manages to remain hip and homely.’
    • ‘I though they made a glorious noise, they were very energetic (with two posey guitarists), and - the real clincher for me - the lead singer was the spitting image of dear ol’ Johnny Vegas!’
    • ‘Now, if I were one of those posey restaurants I'd talk that lot up into some wonderful concoction of over-flowery phraseology.’
    • ‘It's very posey to talk about tarnishing your legacy, isn't it?’
    • ‘I'd bought the second CD--some all right tunes, but they were starting to get a bit posey.’
    • ‘So you're either going to love it or find it too posy for words.’
    • ‘Either a quintessential cult record or another cocky slice of childish bombast, the CD is still a more personal confession than many of its posey peers.’
    • ‘Upmarket and sometimes a little posey the house is actually an old family palazzo, three floors of which have been turned into a club-bar by the offspring of the owners.’
    • ‘Sure, it's pricey and posey and your fellow Narcissists are rolling in the money, but wouldn't you want to pay more for drinks, snacks and a magazine-cover clientele like this?’
    • ‘Miami is packed with posey style bars but this dark, loungey boozer is a down-to-earth find, serving straight-up gin Martinis and Screwdrivers just like they did in the old days.’
    • ‘It is generally posey though, and quite expensive.’
    • ‘It can get pretty posey but the DJ grooves are often spot-on, whether it's hard house on weekends or more eclectic tunes in the week.’
    • ‘But more than that she has grown into an actress of considerable power and gave an emotional punch to a ballet full of posey moments and conventional attitudes.’
    • ‘Pricey and posey but worth a look-in if you've made the long climb.’
    • ‘It's painfully posey and we felt a little cheap and used afterwards.’
    • ‘They hire a posey choreographer with humiliating results.’
    • ‘It's started to attract the real posey types, and they're no good at their job.’
    • ‘It's dominated by a late-twenties crowd who can be posy and pretentious since you need money and connections most nights to get through the door.’
    pretentious, high-flown, ostentatious, pompous, grandiose, over-elaborate, overblown, overripe, overworked, overdone