Definition of poshly in English:



See posh

‘When the children were babies, I would place them in a small wooden carriage and walk them on the geometrically designed concrete path through a beautiful garden of perfect flowers and poshly grown trees.’
  • ‘‘Oh I suppose that makes it better, I'm afraid I'm busy ’, She replied poshly.’
  • ‘In the more poshly trimmed versions, you can fold the back seats flat, too, opening up a space into which you could probably fit, not just the shopping, but also a sheepdog of average growth, provided you pushed hard.’
  • ‘Plastered on the front in boring font accompanied by a small picture of a big building similar to that of a large church with girls wearing brown skirts or pinafores, brown jackets and white blouses their hair all poshly done.’
  • ‘He was dressed neatly enough, but not too poshly, and he had dark brown hair, tanned skin and piercing greenish-blue eyes.’