Definition of poshness in English:



See posh

‘Whether it was the poshness of her voice, the crispness of her syntax or whatever, I decided to listen… ‘Blah, blah, blah, your son has won a competition’’
  • ‘It has a veritable passion for worshipping those people who are endowed with celebrity and vast visible wealth; yet it has an instinctive antipathy towards poshness and uppity aspirations.’
  • ‘He seems obsessed with poshness - wanting to ‘eat out somewhere a bit posh’ and finding the food ‘rather posh’.’
  • ‘I was a bit prejudiced against him because of his poshness and although he was very polite and appreciative it was almost as if he didn't recognise how bad his situation was and just how kind Liz was being.’
  • ‘By the end of the evening the combination of the violins, the wine and the heady atmosphere of privilege and poshness have us walking on air as we leave.’