Definition of positional in English:


Pronunciation /pəˈziSHənl/ /pəˈzɪʃənl/ /pəˈziSHn(ə)l/ /pəˈzɪʃn(ə)l/


  • Relating to or determined by position.

    ‘the team will be forced to make several positional changes’
    • ‘It is clear that if the all-out-attack policy is to work, then there will have to be personnel and positional changes in the coming weeks.’
    • ‘With six positional changes from their three previous starts, the Blues confirmed their ability and depth across the squad.’
    • ‘Anand was at his positional best in getting the better of Svidler, who fell prey to finely disguised manoeuvres.’
    • ‘The home side made a number of personnel and positional changes at the break and this played a huge part in re-energising the team.’
    • ‘Elsewhere, there was not a single positional change from the programme.’
    • ‘Last week we ran through the positional profiles for first line of defence.’
    • ‘Good defending is all about concentration and positional sense.’
    • ‘It was, perhaps, the only error in his positional play all game.’
    • ‘Kendal began the game quite sharply and took control with generally sound positional awareness and accurate passing.’
    • ‘Where Moore was quick was not in the legs but in the mind; his positional sense, his reading of the game, were remarkable.’
    • ‘He wants them to attack more but to do so cerebrally, based on positional interchange, teamwork and variation of passing.’
    • ‘Credit too to the Carlow selectors for some astute positional alterations.’
    • ‘May's big concern about his positional switch is that the England hierarchy may ignore him because he is too much of a utility back.’
    • ‘The respective managers made a number of personnel and positional switches.’
    • ‘Another big club might offer him the positional stability he needs to secure the England berth that seems there for the taking.’
    • ‘Pinpoint positional kicking was awarded with two further three pointers, and Oxford assumed a narrow lead.’
    • ‘Twilight competition teams are to provide their own umpire, ball and positional patches.’
    • ‘Spa made some positional switches at half-time, which had an immediate effect on the game.’
    • ‘They were also continually frustrated as Connor's superb positional kicking pinned them in their own half.’
    • ‘Laois have made two changes and a number of positional switches for their final game against Carlow.’