Definition of positive pole in English:

positive pole

Pronunciation /ˈpäzədiv/ /ˈpɑzədɪv/ /ˈpäztiv pōl/ /ˈpɑztɪv poʊl/


  • A north-seeking pole of a magnet.

    ‘The main component of the Sun's magnetic field is similar to a bar magnet, with a positive pole and a negative pole.’
    • ‘Since growth of dendrite of lithium or zinc at the time of the charge can be prevented, short circuit between the negative pole and the positive pole can be prevented.’
    • ‘The electrons and protons in each half of the plasma rotate in opposite direction forming a huge ‘dynamo’ with the positive pole on the side of the plasma sheet facing dawn and the negative pole facing evening.’
    • ‘For example, imagine an equilateral triangle made of wood with a strong magnet, positive pole facing up embedded at each vertex. suspend a magnet with negative pole facing down by a string exactly over the center of the triangle.’