Definition of posnet in English:


Pronunciation /ˈpɒsnɪt/


  • A small metal pot or vessel for boiling, having a handle and three feet.


Late Middle English; earliest use found in London Mediaeval Studies. From Anglo-Norman pocenet, pocenette, poscenet, posenet, posnet, possenet, postnez, Anglo-Norman and Old French possonet, Old French poçonnet, pochonet, Old French, Middle French pochonnet, Middle French pochenet ladle, dish, small cooking pot from Anglo-Norman pochun and Old French poçon, posson, Old French, Middle French, French regional (chiefly Savoy) pochon pot, cup, ladle (13th century; from Old French, Middle French, French regional (Franco-Provençal region) poche ladle + -on, diminutive suffix: see -oon) + -et.