Definition of poss in English:


Pronunciation /päs/ /pɑs/

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  • Possible.

    ‘if poss’
    • ‘as soon as poss’
    • ‘To make your locks as shiny as poss, give them a quick blast of cold water before getting out of the shower and always blow dry from the roots downwards.’
    • ‘Yes, it's a hard life, but I'm gonna keep blogging if poss.’
    • ‘I'm gonna keep blogging, if poss - but just in case I can't, here's a very nasty joke I heard the other day.’
    • ‘Take it easy there, D. I'll be on the phone to you as soon as poss.’
    • ‘Wait until they come in season here, and then buy locally if poss.’
    • ‘Although there is only one picture of it on my site right now, I'm planning to put a page devoted to it on there as soon as poss.’
    • ‘I didn't realise it would be so psychedelic, and will change it something easier on the eye as soon as poss.’
    • ‘I guess it would be poss for her to be involved - but would require a lot of explanation I guess.’
    • ‘If I get it the plan is that I do as much conservation stuff as poss, and just use the post as a way into the field.’
    • ‘I don't have that information, but I promise you that I will find you a way as soon as poss…’
    • ‘I personally feel it is the bounden duty of married people to try to hitch their single friends up with suitable partners wherever poss.’
    • ‘I think they found the curriculum's limitations a bit difficult to make compatible with encouraging creativity, so ignored the course as far as poss.’
    • ‘Those of you playing this… without too many spoilers, if poss!’
    • ‘We would like to go into it more but we want this update up as soon as poss.’