Definition of possessory in English:


Pronunciation /pəˈzes(ə)rē/ /pəˈzɛs(ə)ri/


See possessor

‘The trial decision is about equitable possessory title and the court of appeal said that doesn't exist.’
  • ‘To take account of this, the system provides for a possessory title to be upgraded to absolute title after it has been registered for 12 years.’
  • ‘The screenwriters union wants to eliminate the so called possessory credit, ‘A film by…,’ saying it relegates writers to a secondary status within the industry.’
  • ‘The enforcement of the possessory assizes and measures against crime was now entrusted to royal justices, sent out on eyre (from Latin iter, a journey) to act as the king's agents.’
  • ‘The fact that the defendants and their predecessor believed that they owned the property does not preclude them from obtaining possessory title.’