Definition of post-apocalyptic in English:



  • 1Denoting or relating to the time following a nuclear war or other catastrophic event.

    ‘a post-apocalyptic action picture of the ‘Mad Max’ type: tough loner fights for survival against hordes of barbaric scavengers’
    ‘the grim desperation of a post-apocalyptic society’
    • ‘The novel describes the odyssey of Anna Blume, struggling to find her brother in a post-apocalyptic vision of New York.’
    • ‘Roddenberry had actually pitched the concept in the 1970s, albeit in a more Mad Max post-apocalyptic kind of setting.’
    • ‘Such associations jibe with Richter's sci-fi vision of a chaotic, violent, perhaps post-apocalyptic society.’
    • ‘The "broken world" of post-apocalyptic Seattle provides a dystopian backdrop.’
    • ‘The post-apocalyptic wasteland is rendered with enough care to impress me.’
    • ‘The post-apocalyptic sense of the image appealed to me, along with the aural desolation.’
    • ‘These sumptuous, moody drawings seem to be records of post-apocalyptic, charred remains.’
    • ‘Our DP and crew were excited with the post-apocalyptic look of the location and didn't really care about the danger.’
    • ‘Perhaps, the artist implies, there is some hope of regeneration, after all, for this post-apocalyptic landscape.’
    • ‘On The Beach (1959) was the post-apocalyptic story by novelist Nevil Shute in which the last remaining humans on Earth wait out the spread of deadly post-atomic war radiation in remote New Zealand.’
    • ‘The protagonist, Rye, was once a professor at UCLA but has been reduced to mute illiteracy like the other survivors in this post-apocalyptic scene.’
    • ‘After this first in-your-face scene, we are catapulted wide-eyed and open-mouthed into a post-apocalyptic London, 28 days after the outbreak.’
    • ‘I chose the setting of a post-apocalyptic future because it served the story.’
    • ‘What ensues is the standard post-apocalyptic wanderings, meeting with other survivors and eventual redemption, with some unexpected and interesting twists along the way.’
    • ‘The cover graphics depict post-apocalyptic scenes: a city burns, cars lie overturned and abandoned while a lone silhouette surveys the desolation from a blackened skyscraper.’
    • ‘This post-apocalyptic portrait of nature reclaiming and healing our damaged and deranged world chimes with Moore's anti-nuke campaigning of the 1980s.’
    • ‘In this post-apocalyptic environment, humans have been reduced to living in small urban outposts, looting supplies from overrun towns before retreating behind barriers of water and electric fencing to keep the zombies out.’
    • ‘One of the most common science fiction subgenres is that of the post-apocalyptic survivor - an individual who lives through some kind of catastrophe (often a nuclear war) and must make his way through the hostile environment that exists in its wake.’
    • ‘The graphics have an overall dirty look to bring the post-apocalyptic world to life.’
    • ‘The game is set upon a fictional post-apocalyptic version of Earth, where territorial gangs must eke out a difficult existence since even the most fundamental commodities that perpetuate life are in short supply.’
  • 2Denoting or relating to the time following the biblical Apocalypse.

    ‘the post-apocalyptic kingdom of God’
    • ‘His current research interests include theology of peace/post-apocalyptic theology, and the development of a new interreligious grammar.’
    • ‘A key concept in Parker's theology is the post-apocalyptic vision.’
    • ‘The Kingdom of God is not a political entity, nor is it some future post-apocalyptic kingdom, but the rule of Jesus in the hearts of Christians.’