Definition of post-operative in English:



  • During, relating to, or denoting the period following a surgical operation.

    ‘post-operative care’
    • ‘Adjuvant post-operative radiation therapy was administered because resection margins were positive.’
    • ‘Treatment should be continued throughout the period of post-operative care until the risk of deep vein thrombosis has diminished.’
    • ‘They can be operated on, but it's off to the theatre and a general anaesthetic and a painful post-operative period.’
    • ‘Improved quality of care may account for the decrease in mortality, through new technologies or improved perioperative and post-operative care, or both.’
    • ‘Patients were also recommended to regularly visit the respective hospitals for post-operative care.’
    • ‘Some of the patients in their early post-operative period will have some mild irritation.’
    • ‘The threshold improvements were greater in the latter study, however, the post-operative assessment period was not clearly specified.’
    • ‘The post-operative period is often shorter and smoother as well, he adds.’
    • ‘No robust evidence exists for the optimal period for maintaining post-operative suction drainage.’
    • ‘The trend is for hearing to continue to improve as the post-operative period increases.’
    • ‘This was then followed by or mixed with a description of the operation, post-operative care and risks - all in 15 minutes or under.’
    • ‘They appealed for antibiotics, surgical sutures and intravenous drugs needed for post-operative care.’
    • ‘The condition can lead to serious post-operative complications, including congestive heart failure or stroke.’
    • ‘Resources need to be allocated for effective post-operative follow-up so that evaluation of ENT surgery can be conducted.’
    • ‘My wife received post-operative chemotherapy from these medical oncologists, seven months after having that metastatic tumour surgically excised.’
    • ‘It consisted of 24 rooms located on one ward for each of the pre- and post-operative care areas, plus one room for resuscitation if required.’
    • ‘Usually, a narcotic is given for immediate post-operative pain relief.’
    • ‘The patient had an uncomplicated post-operative course and underwent chemotherapy’
    • ‘The preoperative nurse teaches the patient what to expect in the preoperative and post-operative areas.’
    • ‘One patient was assessed with tumour extending to the resection margin and was given post-operative radiotherapy.’