Definition of post-racial in English:



  • Denoting or relating to a period or society in which racial prejudice and discrimination no longer exist.

    ‘a post-racial era’
    • ‘post-racial America’
    • ‘I'm not referring to his efforts to redraw the political map, or inspire a post-racial, post-partisan politics.’
    • ‘He ran an explicitly post-racial campaign, heralding a new type of politics.’
    • ‘That is not to knock the campaign rallies signs saying "race doesn't matter" or the aspiration to a post-racial politics.’
    • ‘His support among white Democrats - once seen as the key to his post-racial appeal - has collapsed.’
    • ‘Educated at Harvard Law School, just as Obama was, he portrays himself as a post-racial candidate, and was a tireless campaigner for his old friend.’
    • ‘I'm the face of post-racial America!’
    • ‘Cokie and Sally and their friends were very pleased with themselves for being so post-racial that they didn't even "see" race anymore.’
    • ‘Those who believed his candidacy was evidence of a post-racial America now have their answer.’
    • ‘It means, perhaps, that we have entered some sort of post-racial utopia.’
    • ‘I think that his pronouncement that it's a post-racial society was not realistic.’
    • ‘His ethnicity has crept into the dialogue despite the senator's efforts to portray himself as post-racial.’
    • ‘As the campaign moves into its final weeks and as the rhetoric turns negative, it's safe to say that this is not going to be the post-racial election that many hoped it would be.’
    • ‘Obviously it is way too soon to declare that we have entered a post-racial era.’
    • ‘But she was not a believer, as many are not, that we are in this post-racial world.’
    • ‘A year ago, Americans were basking in what many believed was a post-racial new dawn.’
    • ‘So as the election approached, the promise of a "post-racial" governorship faded.’
    • ‘But is it a little early to say that America is moving in to a post-racial phase or is this more the first step along that road?’