Definition of postbox in English:



  • A large public box with a slot into which post is placed for collection by the post office.

    • ‘She said people had been parking their cars up by the postbox to post their mail and blocking the access of adjacent properties.’
    • ‘The Royal Mail has reduced collections without providing bigger postboxes to accommodate the volume of letters.’
    • ‘They are asking the county council to make the lane a safe walking route to and from High Grantley, where the bus stop, school, playgroup, recreation ground, village hall, postbox and public house are all located.’
    • ‘And judging by the full postboxes of letters already dotted around the hall, public feeling is as strong as ever.’
    • ‘I walked out of the house to post a letter - the postbox is less than 100 yards away - and left the door open.’
    • ‘The Post Office also agreed to install a postbox in the Seaview area, and street lighting around Seaview has also been upgraded.’
    • ‘Live fireworks have been thrown into phone boxes, postboxes and even into a residential letterbox vandals in the run up to bonfire night’
    • ‘The first results were not declared until gone midnight, with sackloads of extra votes arriving after a last-minute sweep of postboxes by the Royal Mail.’
    • ‘A problem with some of the older postboxes is that they cannot take the volume of post that needs to go in them, especially in some urban areas.’
    • ‘The postbox was designed specifically so that its slot was only 5mm wide, and therefore it could only take ordinary sized enveloped.’
    • ‘There, he dropped the package into one of the postboxes and grinned with satisfaction when he imagined a confused postman finding it.’
    • ‘These mis-delivered letters are put back into the postbox, with an arrow indicating the correct place, and I can only hope that the post office does not add insult to injury by trying to collect excess postage.’
    • ‘Letters in hand, I wandered off up to the postbox.’
    • ‘I've been carrying a letter round for two weeks, looking for a postbox.’
    • ‘A spokesman for the Royal Mail said the box had been moved so that a larger postbox could be installed.’
    • ‘The unofficial walkouts crippled large parts of London and hit other areas of the country, forcing managers to empty postboxes.’
    • ‘A postbox containing voting slips was set alight.’
    • ‘Often, delivery errors are corrected by residents, who put the mail through the right door or drop it back into a postbox.’
    • ‘There's something satisfying about putting that wodge of envelopes in the postbox on the way to work.’
    • ‘It happened again the next morning as I nipped down to the postbox at the corner of my road.’