Definition of postponable in English:


Pronunciation /ˌpōs(t)ˈpōnəbəl/ /ˌpoʊs(t)ˈpoʊnəbəl/ /pəˈspōnəbəl/ /pəˈspoʊnəbəl/


See postpone

  • ‘In addition, there is the Treasury pressure, acute at the moment, to look critically at all avoidable or postponable expenditure (there is a war, of uncertain scope and duration, to be paid for).’
  • ‘The Institute of Health and Welfare estimates that 80 per cent of health related conditions in old age are preventable or postponable if corrected in time.’
  • ‘Increasingly, the kinds of memory problems that have long been seen as inevitable with age are now thought to be avoidable - or at least postponable.’



/ˌpōs(t)ˈpōnəbəl/ /ˌpoʊs(t)ˈpoʊnəbəl/ /pəˈspōnəbəl/ /pəˈspoʊnəbəl/