Definition of postprandial in English:


Pronunciation /ˌpōs(t)ˈprandēəl/ /ˌpoʊs(t)ˈprændiəl/


  • 1formal, humorous During or relating to the period after dinner or lunch.

    ‘we were jolted from our postprandial torpor’
    • ‘This, whispers Her Ladyship, is where Her Majesty the Queen brings her most distinguished dinner guests for their postprandial entertainment.’
    • ‘These data suggest that gene-diet interactions are important for handling of lipoproteins in the postprandial period.’
    • ‘I'm sure I am not alone in finding that extra-thick part at the base of a chocolate egg far too much for a child's delicate palate, and just right for a postprandial petit-four.’
    • ‘Along with a couple of beers and a postprandial Metaxa and coffee, our bill came to a total of 28 leva, including a few leva for a tip.’
    • ‘He was a man of routine and having dined with his elder son, Robert, he retired as usual for his postprandial nap - only last Monday he did not wake up.’
    1. 1.1Medicine Occurring after a meal.
      ‘an annual postprandial blood glucose test’
      • ‘After meals, when postprandial blood glucose levels are high, liver glucokinase is significantly active, which causes the liver preferentially to trap and to store circulating glucose.’
      • ‘Regular insulin must be injected 30 to 60 minutes before the meal to match postprandial glucose influx.’
      • ‘Psyllium incorporated into foods, such as pasta, and isolated psyllium when added to a test meal has been shown to reduce postprandial glucose and insulin concentrations.’
      • ‘In patients who required insulin therapy during pregnancy, it is reasonable to check fasting and two-hour postprandial glucose levels before hospital discharge.’
      • ‘The glycemic index of a carbohydrate is a measure of its postprandial effect on blood glucose.’


Early 19th century from post-‘after’ + Latin prandium ‘a meal’+ -al.



/ˌpōs(t)ˈprandēəl/ /ˌpoʊs(t)ˈprændiəl/