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Pronunciation /ˈpōs(t)ˌskript/ /ˈpoʊs(t)ˌskrɪpt/

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  • 1An additional remark at the end of a letter, after the signature and introduced by “P.S.”

    ‘he added a postscript: “Leaving tomorrow.”’
    • ‘The most poignant part of the letter was the handwritten postscript.’
    • ‘But what intrigued me most of all was a postscript was appended to the Hardy letter: ‘Remember me to Coffin and the admiral.’’
    • ‘The letter was followed by a postscript that reiterated: ‘We are convinced and satisfied with the explanation of the Editorial Board.’’
    • ‘Walsingham's spies discovered that she was secretly corresponding with a group of Catholic plotters and, having intercepted her letters, they forged a postscript in her hand asking for the identities of those involved.’
    • ‘I had considered deleting this post altogether - and perhaps this would still be a good idea - but, since other blogs had linked to it, decided instead to add this postscript.’
    • ‘He adds a characteristically aw-shucks postscript: ‘I have no way of justifying what I do, no temporal defence at all.’’
    • ‘My tongue-in-cheek postscript admits that I don't know everything about this band, that there's more to the story, and throws in a few cheap shots.’
    • ‘A postscript to my post on US treatment of North Korea yesterday.’
    afterthought, PS, additional remark
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    1. 1.1An additional statement or action that provides further information on or a sequel to something.
      ‘as a postscript to this, Paul did finally marry’
      • ‘However, there was a chilling postscript to the event which shows just how close they were to being in the wrong place at the wrong time.’
      • ‘The postscript to this anecdote is that I sat at the very same table on another occasion, around the same time, with my brother and a friend of my brother's (whose name I can't remember).’
      • ‘The violence continued sporadically for months; and months after it had died down, anonymous avengers riposted with a cycle of bomb blasts, a horrific postscript to the slaughter.’
      • ‘It fetched £60 as scrap but, as a galling postscript to the accident, he saw the car for sale on a used-car lot shortly afterwards, priced at £600.’
      • ‘This is the often-unacknowledged postscript to military service.’
      • ‘And, as a postscript to that, Bob, what if, the unlikely event, they find nothing?’
      • ‘Nonetheless, there would be a gratifying postscript to the Honey story.’
      • ‘As a postscript to my travels, I thought I'd leave you with some Top Fives from Europe.’
      • ‘As part of a postscript to all of this, her boyfriend says he's forgiven her in his heart.’
      • ‘A description of this lurid affair would make a fitting postscript to Hunt's book.’
      • ‘However, since this mode was included in previous versions, it feels more like a postscript than a true addition or novelty.’
      • ‘It describes a foundering civilisation, soon to be overrun, with the obligatory postscript from a future archaeologist noting that the ruins sit upon evidence of yet another culture.’
      • ‘As a postscript your readers may have noticed that this individual has been allowed to have two letters published in the same edition, although she describes herself differently in each letter.’
      • ‘That his new novel uses photography as a postscript for a moment in history which will forever be indelibly inscribed upon our souls is a gesture both probing and poignant.’
      • ‘But there is a postscript still waiting to be made.’
      • ‘In chapter 9 and in the postscript, the authors take on the use of genetics to prove that some races are inherently more intelligent than others and thoroughly debunk these approaches.’
      • ‘Just as a postscript: According to the newspapers the whole country has been on a ‘go slow’ with regard to Christmas spending this year so one would imagine that Settle is no exception.’
      • ‘As a postscript, my friend has since left school and went to Wall Street to run numbers for some large financial company.’
      • ‘A postscript reminds us that the book ‘is a work of fiction’, and provides some documentation ‘for readers interested in tracking where historical fact ends and historical imagining begins’.’
      • ‘The story ends here, but will continue in postscripts.’


Mid 16th century from Latin postscriptum, neuter past participle (used as a noun) of postscribere ‘write under, add’, from post ‘after, later’ + scribere ‘write’.

Main definitions of PostScript in English

: postscript1PostScript2


Pronunciation /ˈpōs(t)ˌskript/ /ˈpoʊs(t)ˌskrɪpt/

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Trademark ; Computing
  • A page description language that is an industry standard for outputting high-resolution text and graphics.

    ‘PostScript documents are programs executed by a PostScript interpreter and sent to print servers that only accept passive input text.’
    • ‘If the file is a PostScript file, we run ghostscript to format it for our particular type of non-Postscript Printer.’
    • ‘Whenever a PostScript image is received with any packets missing, it will be incomplete in the recording, and will not appear during playback.’
    • ‘Editing this PostScript file is a bit like editing an executable task image output from a very bad compiler, and not at all like editing a program written carefully in assembly language.’
    • ‘Additionally, TrueType fonts work better than PostScript fonts for screen display.’