Definition of pot-au-feu in English:


nounplural noun pot-au-feu

  • A French soup of meat, typically boiled beef, and vegetables cooked in a large pot.

    ‘a brasserie menu including pot-au-feu and pig's trotters’
    • ‘he dished up a heart-stopping pot-au-feu’
    • ‘The simplest consommé of all, in France, is the broth from pot-au-feu.’
    • ‘Soups, rabbit dishes, and dishes such as pot-au-feu, coq au vin, and blanquettes are often requested by pickers nostalgic for an era when long, slow cooking was the norm.’
    • ‘The legendary peasant woman kept a pot-au-feu or bouillon pot on her hearth and, myth has it, threw into it whatever she had around to stew for the day's meal.’
    • ‘And while there, was it possible she had her cooks rustle up some Scotch broth which, in turn, influenced the French chefs who came up with pot-au-feu?’
    • ‘Chicken pot-au-feu ($21 for two, $11 for a half-order) boasts an intensely flavored broth almost sweet with the essence of chicken.’



/ˌpôdōˈfə/ /ˌpɔdoʊˈfə/


French, literally ‘pot on the fire’.