Definition of pot-bound in English:



  • (of a plant) having roots which fill the flowerpot, leaving no room for them to expand.

    ‘pelargoniums seem to flower better when pot-bound’
    • ‘Skip these pot-bound plants because the roots will be torn off during transplanting, and could cause a major set-back.’
    • ‘Loosen the roots of pot-bound nursery plants before planting them in the garden.’
    • ‘Look for a grass that has colorful foliage and is not too dense, which indicates that the plant has already become pot-bound and might be difficult to establish if planted.’
    • ‘Holiday cacti like to be slightly pot-bound and are usually repotted every 3 or 4 years.’
    • ‘If the plant has been in the container all season, you can bet it's pot-bound.’



/ˈpätˌbound/ /ˈpɑtˌbaʊnd/