Definition of potability in English:


Pronunciation /ˌpōtəˈbilətē/



See potable

‘Water samples from 25 different locations in Chennai, collected from wells and bore wells were analysed for their potability in the Centre's laboratory.’
  • ‘The human, for example, may be interested in the pond's water source, the potability of the water, or the potential for irrigation.’
  • ‘The standpipe water is piped from the mountain and has been tested for potability by Oxfam.’
  • ‘One of the purposes of the report was to provide information relevant to potability but not that it was intended to be a comprehensive assessment of potability;’
  • ‘Many business jet crews trust those delivering their drinking water, and others assume that the single-stage carbon filter through which water enters the aircraft is sufficient to ensure potability.’
  • ‘Without advanced and very expensive treatment, this water does not meet potability standards of most state health departments.’