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potato blight

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  • A destructive fungal disease of potatoes resulting in dry brown rot of the tubers.

    Early blight is caused by Alternaria solani (subdivision Deuteromycotina), and late blight is caused by Phytophthora infestans (subdivision Mastigomycotina)

    ‘The trials will investigate the suitability of different potato varieties and the influence of soil fertility on potato blight.’
    • ‘There have been warnings of late of potato blight and people with sowings of potatoes would be well advised to spray.’
    • ‘But that changed 150 years ago, when Ireland's potato blight and Britain's refusal to bail out the Irish sent millions to the emigrant ships.’
    • ‘A wild relative of the potato was found in Peru, and when it was hybridized with the standard crop plant a variety was obtained that was resistant to potato blight.’
    • ‘In 1844, a new form of potato blight was identified in America.’


potato blight

/pəˈtādō blīt/ /pəˈteɪdoʊ blaɪt/