Definition of potato pancake in English:

potato pancake


  • A small flat cake of grated potatoes mixed with flour and egg and fried.

    ‘Whether it's a piece of sushi, a good steak or a potato pancake, the simpler the dish, the more critical the skill.’
    • ‘Latke is a potato pancake (sometimes described as a fritter) of Jewish cuisine, made from a mixture of raw grated and cooked mashed potatoes.’
    • ‘Perhaps more familiar are placki, a delectable fried potato pancake, and incredibly fresh pierogis filled with meat and potatoes.’
    • ‘The potato pancake was nicely browned and served as a sponge for the toppings of just-wilted spinach, slices of pink-as-a-tongue ham and a perfectly poached egg, just oozing yellow loveliness.’
    • ‘The potato pancake blanketing the platter is half dough, half hash brown.’
    • ‘The recipe I have created is a combination of the potato kyufte and the potato pancake.’
    • ‘I was rather taken with the herb and potato pancake, topped with homemade tartare sauce and smoked salmon.’
    • ‘Start with potato pancakes, borscht, dumplings and crepes.’
    • ‘In the dining hall the next morning, the children ate pancakes and potato pancakes and bacon.’
    • ‘Today that selection was a smoked salmon tower with potato pancakes and poached eggs and string beans.’
    • ‘Slice the smoked eel and arrange it on top of the warm potato pancakes.’
    • ‘The proposed new chain would also serve greasy sausage and fried mashed potato pancakes.’
    • ‘Next week, I will share my secrets to making omelettes and potato pancakes.’
    • ‘They had roasted meats and we had greasy potato pancakes.’
    • ‘Among the large variety of pancakes, potato pancakes form a separate category.’
    • ‘Can I have an order of potato pancakes and coffee?’
    • ‘The potato pancakes are served with sour cream and a tasty fruit compote, though the two relatively small latkes aren't really enough to fully satisfy; three would be perfect.’
    • ‘Polish Americans have, in addition to the sausage, also contributed staples to American cuisine, including the breakfast roll, bialys, the babka coffeecake, and potato pancakes.’
    • ‘Whether you're making our potato pancakes or old-fashioned hash browns, one of the keys is to shred the spuds to the right consistency.’
    • ‘He didn't want her to worry, and he didn't want the dietary regime she might impose, one that would exclude peanuts, potato pancakes, and his nightly six-pack of beer.’


potato pancake

/pəˈtādō ˈpanˌkāk/ /pəˈteɪdoʊ ˈpænˌkeɪk/