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potato salad

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  • A side dish consisting of cold cooked potato chopped and mixed with a dressing and seasonings.

    ‘Side orders were uninspiring if traditional, featuring coleslaw, potato salad, boiled potatoes and side salad.’
    • ‘Dad went immediately up to the counter and ordered a pulled pork dinner, choosing sides of coleslaw and potato salad.’
    • ‘Serve this sweet corn bread alongside your barbecue chicken or ribs with sides of cole slaw, potato salad and baked beans.’
    • ‘In Argentina we do pork, chicken and fish accompanied by salad, potato salad, tomatoes, unleavened bread and beer and wine.’
    • ‘I chose a cold baked salmon salad with homemade coleslaw, potato salad and brown bread.’
    • ‘We sit and drink rakia and soft drinks and over two or three hours share a large dish of potato salad, followed by home-made soup and pumpkin banitsa.’
    • ‘I had my specialty - the barbecued beef sandwich, potato salad and baked beans.’
    • ‘Most people don't need the 250 calories in a side salad like cole slaw or potato salad.’
    • ‘I offered to make baked beans, potato salad a green salad and other things I happened to come up with.’
    • ‘Other dishes to be recommended include garlic soup, potato salad and beef salad.’
    • ‘Forgo bacon bits and prepared salads like potato salad.’
    • ‘But sit them on a piece of sourdough, with new potato salad, crème fraîche and plenty of seasoning, and they are fantastic.’
    • ‘There are only three kinds of salads that can get away with not having lettuce - fruit salad, potato salad, and pasta salad.’
    • ‘Sitting on the table were plates and bowls of coleslaw, chicken, potato salad, various cookies, and a large cake.’
    • ‘Accompany with ligonberry jam, cucumber salad, potato salad, and radish salad.’
    • ‘We would return home for the first hot dog and potato salad of the season.’
    • ‘If potato salad, grilled meat or other salads sit out in summer temperatures, you are asking for trouble.’
    • ‘There were dinner rolls and chicken cacciatore, baked ziti, and potato salad, peas and corn, and coleslaw.’
    • ‘Red rice is one of the best things to have with potato salad and greens and chicken or fried pork chops.’
    • ‘The fried fish and pan fried potatoes, German style with potato salad if you like, are excellent and the chicken curry could hardly be beaten.’


potato salad

/pəˈtādō ˈsaləd/ /pəˈteɪdoʊ ˈsæləd/