Definition of potato vine in English:

potato vine


  • A semievergreen climbing plant with pale blue or white flowers, related to the potato and native to South and Central America.

    Solanum jasminoides, family Solanaceae

    ‘Elsewhere, another five-year-old plant weaves through a white-flowered potato vine to cover a stucco arch.’
    • ‘A trellis covered with a white-flowered potato vine creates a picturesque focal point that draws attention away from the neighbor's house.’
    • ‘We must do something about the potato vine tangled in the pachysandra.’
    • ‘Romantic touches include a pair of wall fountains with recirculating pumps, a candle-filled chandelier, and a dense canopy of potato vines.’
    • ‘In the midst of all this I did manage to take up some plants that did not survive life on the patio in the direct sun and replaced them with the ever-hardy sweet potato vines.’


potato vine

/pəˈtādō vīn/ /pəˈteɪdoʊ vaɪn/