Definition of potbellied pig in English:

potbellied pig


(also Vietnamese potbellied pig)
  • A pig of a small dark breed with short legs and a large stomach, sometimes kept as a pet.

    ‘We eventually found a nonprofit that took in bunnies and potbellied pigs - both animals that people like when they're little and cute, and then don't want when they get big and uglier.’
    • ‘Later some residents started keeping pens of goats and potbellied pigs.’
    • ‘Her many other animals, including a wallaby, a Vietnamese potbellied pig, and seven horses, take residence at her mother's home in nearby Plant City.’
    • ‘Researchers examined 26 pigs with clinical problems over an 18-month period during 1998 and 1999; all bar one were potbellied pigs and the other was a castrated male Tamworth pig.’
    • ‘The couple - who also have dogs, cats, geese and two Vietnamese potbellied pigs - have seen the llamas in action.’


potbellied pig

/ˈpätˌbelēd piɡ/ /ˈpɑtˌbɛlid pɪɡ/