Definition of potency in English:



mass noun
  • 1The power of something to influence or make an impression.

    ‘a myth of enormous potency’
    • ‘This is often apparent in religious contexts, when the normally unclean is transformed into a positive source of potency and power.’
    • ‘Heat, cold, and moisture can also affect a medication's potency.’
    • ‘The principality of white supremacy was wrestled into yielding a different kind of potency; a power of oppression was partially tamed and forced to become a power of creativity.’
    • ‘Antipsychotic drugs with higher potency have a greater affinity for dopamine receptors and tend to cause more extrapyramidal symptoms.’
    • ‘Other factors, including drug potency, receptor affinity, and pharmacokinetics also influence these outcomes.’
    • ‘As souls could migrate, their potency be affected by ‘higher’ spirits, and their material shells be invaded by rivals, everything in the universe was interrelated.’
    • ‘What is it to say about the historical potency of people power in challenging systems of entrenched and irresponsible power of this kind, of which it is itself a part?’
    • ‘Modelled in the round, they were not simply appreciated as decoration but were also seen as symbols of imperial power and potency.’
    • ‘The exact potency the body requires can be determined, as can the repetition of the dose.’
    • ‘She knew that stones lost potency and power and had to be tossed aside.’
    • ‘Drugs have different potency and solubility, and solubility is inversely correlated with the duration of action.’
    • ‘But anybody who has worked in the pharmaceutical industry knows that even a change in the formulation of a drug can alter its potency.’
    • ‘Therefore the most popular neuroleptic agents are the high potency drugs, which can also induce the most Parkinsonism.’
    • ‘If your child doesn't finish a medication, it's not a good idea to save it for a future illness because most drugs lose their potency after 1 year.’
    • ‘A close-up of a seaweed called Lobophora variegata being studied for its strong antifungal potency and potential cancer-fighting power.’
    • ‘The potency of peer influence has been demonstrated for non-Latino white, American Indian and Mexican American youth.’
    • ‘But in your books, the power, the actual life force and potency of loving-kindness, comes through so strongly.’
    • ‘One consequence of the astonishing potency of the MIA myth is the refrain of today's American war films that no one must be left behind.’
    • ‘The potency of the supplement was monitored by the manufacturer, and it was found to retain 80% of its potency after being stored for 12 months at room temperature.’
    • ‘However, potency of the bait against cockroaches under field conditions needs to be explored.’
    power, powerfulness, vigour, strength, might, mightiness, force, forcefulness
    forcefulness, force, effectiveness
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    1. 1.1The strength of an intoxicant or drug, as measured by the amount needed to produce a certain response.
      ‘the unexpected potency of the rum punch’
      ‘the potency of these drugs paralleled their effectiveness’
      strength, powerfulness, power
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    2. 1.2count noun (in homeopathy) the number of times a remedy has been diluted and succussed, taken as a measure of the strength of the effect it will produce.
      ‘she was given a low potency twice daily’
      • ‘A qualified homeopath can provide more individualised remedies in stronger potencies if required.’
      • ‘The remedies based on the least amount of dilution - known as lower potencies have less powerful and shorter lasting effects.’
      • ‘It was used to investigate the different effects of ultramolecular potencies compared with placebo rather than pragmatic homoeopathy.’
      • ‘He also added multiple potencies of the same remedies, and let the patient's system choose not only which remedy it wanted, but which potency of the remedy it wanted.’
      • ‘She warns, however, that potencies vary widely among manufacturers, so be sure to purchase your product from a reputable company.’
      • ‘And they come in a variety of different types, potencies and smells.’
    3. 1.3Genetics The extent of the contribution of an allele towards the production of a phenotypic characteristic.
      • ‘The data for these two PAH compounds demonstrate a large variation in adduct-forming potency, which should be taken into account when estimating DNA adducts formed by mixtures of unknown PAHs.’
      • ‘These congenic mice confirm the location, potency, and independent action of the C3H chromosome 1 modifier.’
      • ‘Comparison of camptothecin derivatives presently in clinical trials: genotoxic potency and mitotic recombination’
      • ‘A second testicular metric that may correlate with reproductive potency and phenotypic condition is directional asymmetry.’
      • ‘Due to its extreme mutagenic potency, this compound constitutes an interesting model to study the mutagenic action of nitrofurans.’
    4. 1.4Biology A capacity in embryonic tissue for developing into a particular specialized tissue or organ.
      • ‘Second, an IC 50 cut-off greater than 100m M is said to be related to the need for there to be a relationship between in vitro and in vivo potency.’
      • ‘The cell produced by ANT-OAR would have all of the positive properties of a pluripotent stem cell - as well as all of the restrictions in developmental potency such cells normally exhibit.’
      • ‘These peptides also inhibited proliferation, angiogenesis, and ERK activation induced by basic fibroblast growth factor with similar potency and efficacy.’
      • ‘Human embryonic stem cells, which can harness the potency of fertilized eggs to form any variety of human tissue, have emerged as a pivotal - and controversial - field of study.’
  • 2A male's ability to achieve an erection or to reach orgasm.

    ‘the myth of declining sexual potency with increasing age’
    • ‘Distraught readers can rest assured that we will provide proof that beer increases male potency and eliminates world hunger just as soon we have consoled ourselves with a few pints.’
    • ‘The customers' interactions with the dancers provided not just proof of heterosexual identity, but also a fantasy of sexual potency.’
    • ‘Seal penises were thought to increase sexual potency, and were especially popular in Asia.’
    • ‘Repeated studies have shown that men reach their peak potency at 18, while women do not gain the ability to achieve full sexual satisfaction until their mid-thirties.’
    • ‘Symbols of erection, penetration, and prodigious sexual potency and regeneration are everywhere.’
    • ‘Most are destined for China to satisfy demand for traditional medicines believed to enhance health and sexual potency.’
    • ‘When should a man be concerned about his ejaculate volume and potency?’
    • ‘This is raised in the context of worry about male potency and adequacy as defined by penis size.’
    • ‘The science behind that is a little sketchy, but it could be because they contain zinc, a mineral linked to progesterone and male potency.’
    • ‘So, the secret to male potency is probably to be summed up as his ego.’
    • ‘The gendering of rejuvenation identifies increased sexual potency primarily with men.’
    • ‘Though the various parts of rare animals have been used around the world in folk medicine traditions to boost male potency, the Chinese seem to be the worst offenders in this regard.’
    • ‘I'm wondering now if the infection may have had less benign effects on my health - such as fatigue, for example, or perhaps sexual potency.’
    • ‘King recommends meditative driving as producing an increase in energy levels, greater creativity and higher sexual potency.’
    • ‘The severity of impotence was dependent on both age and sexual potency before diagnosis.’
    • ‘The new invention of the space industry became a very effective device to retrieve potency for male patients.’
    • ‘And eating less meat might also preserve your sexual potency.’
    • ‘Another interpretation of this stance relates to sexual potency and virility.’
    • ‘Any compound that promises sexual potency has the potential to be extremely profitable.’
    • ‘If you notice that an advertiser is associating a new car with sexual potency, you can decide to take it or leave it on more rational grounds.’