Definition of potentilla in English:



  • A plant of a genus that includes the cinquefoils, especially (in gardening) a small shrub with bright yellow, red, orange, or pink flowers.

    Genus Potentilla, family Rosaceae: many species

    ‘Rugged shrubs like barberry and potentilla give the garden permanent structure, while the rocks help protect the plants from searing winds and keep the soil from drying out.’
    • ‘The fragrance garden features plants whose scents come from their flowers or leaves, while the medicinal garden includes healing types such as purple coneflower, potentilla, and willow.’
    • ‘There is also a big selection of azaleas and rhododendrons as well as other shrubs such as potentilla.’
    • ‘A hawk hid under the potentilla bush and leaped suddenly on an overconfident prairie dog a little too far from its burrow.’
    • ‘Items stolen have included potentilla bushes, arabis and fuchsias.’



/ˌpōt(ə)nˈtilə/ /ˌpoʊt(ə)nˈtɪlə/


Modern Latin, based on Latin potent- ‘being powerful’ (with reference to its herbal qualities) + the diminutive suffix -illa.