Definition of potentiometry in English:



  • The measurement of electrical potential as a technique in chemical analysis.

    ‘In electrochemical analysis by such methods as anodic stripping voltammetry, cyclic voltammetry, differential pulse polarography, and potentiometry, the anode always functions as the site of oxidation.’
    • ‘Fluoride was measured with direct potentiometry, using a FI ion-selective electrode.’
    • ‘Both machines use the same technology to measure pH, using an electrode to detect hydrogen ions by direct potentiometry.’
    • ‘The predominant methodology in use is that of potentiometry as employed by the ion selective electrode.’
    • ‘It measures pO 2, amperometrically with a sensor similar to the Clark electrode, and pCO 2 by direct potentiometry.’



/pəˌten(t)SHēˈämətrē/ /pəˌtɛn(t)ʃiˈɑmətri/