Definition of pother in English:



in singular
  • A commotion or fuss.

    ‘don't make such a pother!’
    • ‘Why should an old woman at midnight in a deserted back alley adding a few drops to the Niagara of urine that flows through Casterbridge gutters cause such a pother?’
    • ‘My wife asked me if I could tell her what all that pother was about.’
    • ‘The pother she makes is so great, she might be the Queen of France.’
    commotion, uproar, outcry, disturbance, hubbub, hurly-burly, fuss, upset, tumult, brouhaha, palaver, to-do, pother, turmoil, tempest, agitation, pandemonium, confusion



/ˈpäT͟Hər/ /ˈpɑðər/


Late 16th century of unknown origin.