Definición de potholed en Inglés


Pronunciación /ˈpätˌhōld/ /ˈpɑtˌhoʊld/


See pothole

‘Thankfully someone had the bright idea to water down the dusty potholed road between Laborie and Piaye.’
  • ‘And as a result of all the growth, plush restaurants have popped up beside the potholed roads and property prices have shot up, especially for trendy condominiums.’
  • ‘Miscarraiges, dislocated shoulders, broken bones, damaged axels there is enough reason for people to be concerned over the city's potholed roads.’
  • ‘Down with the government, all chorused; and waved flags and banners, as we marched in twos and threes across broken pavements and potholed roads.’
  • ‘How often do we, the hard-pressed citizens, ponder this topic as we bump along potholed roads or survey the latest round of digging up along our main streets?’