Definition of pothunter in English:


Pronunciation /ˈpätˌhən(t)ər/ /ˈpɑtˌhən(t)ər/


  • 1A person who hunts solely to achieve a kill, rather than as a sport.

    • ‘pothunters who shot for the table were despised’
    1. 1.1informal A person who takes part in a contest merely for the sake of the prize.
      • ‘"A bunch of God-damn pot hunters," was how one St. Catharine's old-timer characterized the athletes who jumped into unfamiliar club kit to row just for the week.’
      • ‘The pot hunters are sure to be out in force at Reading.’
      • ‘It introduced small gold shields for watch chains as prizes, attractive to even the most sordid pot hunter.’
      • ‘Early in the fifth century, however, the 'pot hunter' began to appear and Theagenes of Thasos was said to have won some 1,400 prizes at different athletics festivals.’
    2. 1.2informal A person who seeks objects of archaeological interest or value for personal use or benefit, especially by unscientific or illicit methods.
      • ‘They don't want to attract illegal pot hunters trying to find more artifacts.’
      • ‘The law was created to prevent the theft and destruction of Native American artifacts, as ‘pot hunters‘ were removing them from historical sites for private collections.’
      • ‘The other pot hunters marveled at the treasure.’
      • ‘Indiana Jones could have learned a lot from these pot-hunters.’
      • ‘These pot hunters spent two months destroying some 650 Native American graves.’
      • ‘Pot-hunters sell their finds either to unscrupulous collectors on the ‘black market’ or at auctions and antique shows to unsuspecting collectors.’
      • ‘His book follows several families of pot hunters who ran afoul of the government after digging up relics on public land.’
      • ‘Pot hunters face felony charges and stiff fines—up to $100,000—when they plunder on public lands.’
      • ‘There is an informal network of pot hunters profiting off the land's history. ’
      • ‘A bunch of pot hunters who looted ancient relic sites and sold priceless artifacts for profit have received probation.’