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  • 1(of a plant) planted or grown in a flowerpot and usually kept indoors.

    ‘an array of exotic potted palms’
    • ‘We were recently given several potted bamboo plants.’
    • ‘The thieves entered the premises after removing the padlocks with bolt cutters and a substantial number of potted shrubs and herbaceous plants were removed in broad daylight.’
    • ‘Before bringing a potted tree indoors, water it thoroughly and hose off the foliage.’
    • ‘The bodies are positioned in the exhibition - entrance £10 for adults - among potted trees and plants, making a wander through like something out of the Lost World.’
    • ‘Alison was watering the potted herbs that grew behind the house.’
    • ‘This is the definitive guide to growing bulbs as cut flowers or flowering potted plants.’
    • ‘The history of bonsai goes back countless ages, with the first evidence of small potted trees showing up in Egyptian tombs over 2000 years ago.’
    • ‘Part of the reason may be the increased role that supermarkets and mass merchandisers now play in carrying fresh and potted flowers.’
    • ‘While playing, the child had tripped and fallen onto a large potted cactus plant.’
    • ‘The selection of flowering potted plants in stores is probably the broadest this time of year.’
    • ‘Dave, as good as his word, went off on his world tour, getting as far as a potted yucca plant in an Australian bar before the money ran out.’
    • ‘If, on the other hand, you plan on selling potted plants, hanging baskets, tropical foliage or flats, a greenhouse becomes a necessity.’
    • ‘Anything still blooming in a pot, such as impatiens, will make a good indoor potted plant for the winter.’
    • ‘On the top of the frame, they added a shelf with a tray to display some potted plants and flowers.’
    • ‘Pygmy Date Palm is a good container plant when potted indoors.’
    • ‘On a 20-metre altar various sacrificial offerings are left, such as historical figures made out of flour, fruit seeds, potted trees and rockeries.’
    • ‘Purchase starts each spring, or overwinter potted plants in a greenhouse or sunporch.’
    • ‘Have your flowerbeds and potted plants looking their best.’
    • ‘On the wrap-around porch, potted flowers, herbs, and mosses covered the ledge and all other various surfaces.’
    • ‘Then, make it a focal point with potted flowers, lawn ornaments, or themed decorations.’
    shortened, cut, cut short, cut down, concise, condensed, contracted, compressed, abbreviated, reduced, decreased, diminished, shrunk, curtailed, truncated, lessened, trimmed, cropped, clipped, pruned, pared down, stripped down, bare-bones, skeleton
  • 2mainly British (of food, especially meat or fish) preserved in a sealed pot or jar.

    ‘potted smoked trout’
    • ‘The pair celebrated the occasion at a private reception held in a relative's house - where they dined on Dundee cake, half a pound of potted meat and pop.’
    • ‘Take your picnic: like nowhere else in Britain, this place calls for potted meat and pineapple chunks straight from the tin.’
    • ‘One man testified that the potted meat had been supplied unsealed but wrapped in brown paper and sold to several people, none of whom fell ill.’
    • ‘I mean, can you imagine going to actually visit a real potted meat museum?’
    • ‘Oh yes, and there was Shippam's potted meat paste, a great treat on buttered toast.’
    • ‘The patient now should be able to safely begin eating puréed foods, including baby foods, applesauce, blended soft foods, and potted meats.’
    • ‘In this company, the potted venison and wild boar terrine was a shrinking violet.’
    • ‘The cans of milk, soup, and potted beef have yet to arrive, although, oddly, we seem to have three cases of capers in brine.’
    • ‘Today, the market is awash with seasonal greens, wild mushrooms, Melton Mowbray pork pies, smoked eels, fresh shellfish, potted shrimps, cider, venison and wild boar.’
    • ‘Smoked salmon on brown bread sandwiches, potted shrimp rolls and roast venison with Balmoral redcurrant and port jelly on white bread were on offer as well.’
    • ‘Those potted foods that are still made survive because they are delicacies: for example, potted shrimps in England, or French terrines or rillettes.’
    • ‘Fish and chips, roast rib of beef, cottage pie, potted shrimps, Scotch egg with whisky mayonnaise, egg custard tart - all are revealed in a new and con temporary light.’
    • ‘Then if you are looking for such delicacies as wild boar pate, potted shrimps or simply a venison pasty, the Food Court should be your first stop.’
    • ‘Roast venison with port jelly and potted shrimp rolls also graced the low-key menu.’
    • ‘It is not that there's anything wrong with the dishes described on the menu: I like potted shrimps, grouse, salt beef and tongue, omelette Arnold Bennett.’
    • ‘Lunch arrives, thank God: those potted shrimps to start for me, and just the two starters for him, some Parma ham and a dish of veal tonnato.’
    • ‘Come to think of it, this delicacy (along, perhaps with potted shrimps) is one of the few that does need brown bread.’
    • ‘We fell upon our potted shrimps and moules marinière with little slurpings, gasps and squeals of delight.’
  • 3mainly British (of a literary work or descriptive account) put into a short and easily assimilable form.

    ‘a potted history of the band's career’
    • ‘Herewith a potted description of a great weekend!’
    • ‘A potted explanation of what has become his obsession is as follows.’
    • ‘I've already posted a potted summary of Australian Political parties, so go read that to learn about the Dramatis Personae.’
    • ‘The best thing about television dramas is the end of each episode because they show you a potted summary of the following episode.’
    • ‘Moreover, it demonstrates that they have not studied the full Audit Commission report, but rely on potted summaries.’
    • ‘As part of this bulletin they gave a potted summary of the activities that various offices had organised.’
    • ‘A potted summary might go as follows: she was a brilliant young French woman, born in Paris in 1909 in a fully assimilated, secular Jewish family.’
    • ‘And every day he reads out another short, potted obituary culled from the New York Times website.’
    • ‘Having given the tribunal their unqualified imprimatur, they go on to give a potted and dishonest account of the Yugoslav civil conflicts of the 1990s.’
    • ‘Listening to a potted history of the last ten years, I was struck by the extent of employer commitment to working with young people and schools, right across York and North Yorkshire.’
    • ‘Presumably, the publishers thought that a potted pre-Union history of Scotland and England would bring the general reader up to speed in preparation for the rest of the book.’
    • ‘‘Finally, a word about British objectives’, he announces near the beginning of this potted history of the Cold War.’
    • ‘It was pretty much a potted history of the Vietnam war.’
    • ‘The first section offers a lively potted history of the anatomical mapping of the heart, from ancient Egypt to the first heart-and-lung transplant.’
    • ‘Everything, from a potted history of racism to a dissertation on Christian liberalism, sounded as though it had been said a thousand times before.’
    • ‘It's a fascinating potted history, following Moore's life and career from Northampton slum to Northampton scribe.’
    • ‘Throw any surname at him and he will almost certainly be able to give you a potted history and he is likely to throw in a colourful story to liven up the tale as well.’
    • ‘Instead they offer a potted history of Scottish poetry which is informative but also mirrors the dry nature of the selection that follows.’
    • ‘Cocaine, groupies, booze and rehab all feature prominently in many musicians' potted biographies.’
    • ‘Thank you very much indeed for a very quick potted tour of your areas of responsibility and command structure.’
    concise, short, brief, succinct, to the point, compact, terse, curt, summary, outline, crisp, short and sweet, quick, rapid, pithy, epigrammatic, laconic, pointed, abridged, abbreviated, condensed, synoptic, compendious, summarized, contracted, curtailed, truncated, potted
  • 4North American informal predicative Intoxicated by drink or drugs, especially marijuana.

    • ‘a party where everybody was pretty much potted’



/ˈpädəd/ /ˈpɑdəd/