Definition of poui in English:


Pronunciation /ˈpo͞oē/ /ˈpui/

nounpoui, pouis

  • A Caribbean and tropical American tree with trumpet-shaped flowers, grown as an ornamental and valued for its timber.

    Genus Tabebuia, family Bignoniaceae

    • ‘Depending on the month of your excursion the yellow poui, the red flamboyant, or the lavender jacaranda trees will be in bloom.’
    • ‘The flowering poui trees that occupy the open spaces and parks were laid down by residents and many self-help projects were funded by having Carnival fêtes and other initiatives.’
    • ‘Oh, I forgot to mention here that the annual blooming of our yellow poui trees started a few weeks back.’
    • ‘When the angels took him, many parts of our verdant landscape was sprinkled with carpets of pink poui flowers.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, in a small studio somewhere in one of the Caribbean islands, someone is able to put that smudge of yellow on the canvas in just the right place to make you think of sunshine or poui blossoms in the dry season.’


Mid 19th century a local word in Trinidad.



/ˈpo͞oē/ /ˈpui/