Definition of powdered in English:


Pronunciation /ˈpoudərd/ /ˈpaʊdərd/


  • In the form of powder.

    ‘powdered milk’
    • ‘Turmeric for medicinal purposes is most often consumed powdered, in capsules.’
    • ‘They are sold in dried form, either whole or powdered.’
    • ‘Chinese keys are available fresh, dried, or powdered.’
    • ‘Even the form of the herb - garden fresh, dried, powdered, or extracted - can influence its potency.’
    • ‘A survey last year claimed more than 80 per cent of Indonesian milk consumption was powdered, compared with less than one per cent in the U.S.’
    • ‘It can be found powdered in Asian food stores.’
    • ‘Don't use anything but white sugar; never use molasses, honey, sugar substitutes, powdered, or brown sugar.’
    • ‘However, you should be able to buy glycocyamine as a stand-alone in powdered form at better health-food and supplement retailers.’
    • ‘Astragalus is typically prescribed as a dried root, powdered, or in a decoction.’
    • ‘Chop the hazelnuts in a food processor until reduced to tiny chunks, small enough but not so fine as to be powdered.’
    • ‘Until the recent past we never bought anything powdered; we bought the whole spices and ground our own.’
    • ‘Activated carbon filters are available in several forms: granular; powdered; powdered coated paper; and pressed carbon block.’
    • ‘The broth is real, not canned or powdered, and the cheese is melted on thick.’
    • ‘Honey is also available powdered.’
    • ‘Powdered, dried ginger is also available.’
    • ‘Cocaine, more than two million people are using that drug routinely, whether powdered or in rock form as crack.’
    • ‘There are two basic forms of cocaine: powdered and "freebase."’
    • ‘Powdered, evaporated, condensed, sterilized, and UHT milks all keep for a long time unrefrigerated, though the liquid ones usually begin to go off once they have been opened.’
    • ‘For the record, our sugars are regular white granulated, fructose, light brown, superfine, palm, powdered, turbinado, muscovado, and demerara.’
    • ‘Some of these substances could have been used fraudulently to mimic illicit drugs, a distinct possibility in the case of paracetamol, which was found powdered and in wraps.’



/ˈpoudərd/ /ˈpaʊdərd/